N. ventricosa 33X


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Description: Accidental cross hybrids released since May 2013 of N. ventricosa hybrid established from tissue culture propagation. Female parent flower are N. ventricosa and male parent flower are unknown. N. ventricosa found on Luzon in the Philippines. This species is characterized by its smooth swollen pitchers, often with a narrowed ‘waist’. A number of varieties exist and pitcher colour can vary from yellow/green to red.

Cultivation recommendations: One of the easiest of all Nepenthes species to cultivate – it can be grown either as a lowland or highland plant. The waxy texture of the leaves enable N. ventricosa to perform well despite fluctuations in humidity. Prefers very bright light, especially if cultivated in highland conditions. See also: How to Grow Nepenthes


Standard Export – 8.0cm pot, Large Hanging Baskets – 15.0cm pot (+$13.00)