Corporate Profile

Malesiana Tropicals was established in 1998 with the goal of assisting in the preservation and conservation of the region’s botanical diversity. Working closely with the Sarawak Forestry Corporation and Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, we have developed a large stock of CITES-certified laboratory-grown plants, particularly Nepenthes.

We have also expanded to a larger laboratory and nursery facility to produce and supply a wide variety of commercial crops such as banana, pineapple, ginger, etc. Additionally, we are constantly adding other imporatnt types of plants in demand. This includes vanilla, passion fruit, taro and sweet potato.

We also have an excellent collection of indigenous tree planting material for use in reforestation schemes and underplanting in other crops such as oil palm



Malesiana Tropicals operates facilities for the micropropagation of plant stock.

Our propagation program begins in the laboratory where sterile plant material is multiplied in vitro on nutrient media. Plant material is then grown under optimal conditions until it has reached a sufficient size for planting out in the nursery.

Young plants are acclimatised to the conditions in the nursery and grown to a sufficient size prior to shipment. We continually select varieties for their unique qualities to be used as parental stock for future propagation.

Laminar Flow Equipment


Our 25,000 square foot laboratory has been built to the highest standards and is fully insulated with 3 inch cavity brick walls and cooled by a central air-conditioning system. A 75kVA standby generator ensures consistent standards of internal temperature, humidity and air quality at all times even during outages of mains supply.

The laboratory has a capacity for 25 laminar flow hoods plus autoclaves and ancillary equipment. It’s grow room has sufficient capacity for the production of 10 million plants per annum, all completely disease-free and certified by the Department of Agriculture, Sarawak.


Our nearly 50 acres nursery has extensive shade houses, plastic hoop houses and mist houses. The nursery also has extensive concrete and gravel standing-out areas and is fully supplied with irrigation system and three phase power.

An extensive network of gravel roads services the entire area which is also bounded on two sides by public roads. The laboratory and nursery also has direct access to the new Pan Borneo Highway.


Our Team

Malesiana Tropicals pride ourselves with the fact that the vast majority of our staff are recruited from nearby rural areas and subsistence farming communities to conduct work in the laboratory as well as in the nursery.

Lab Staff

Laboratory Staff

Nursery Staff

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