N. glandulifera 104H


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Description: Combination Assorted Clones Nepenthes Accidental Cross Hybrids 2014 of N. glandulifera established from tissue culture propagation. All different individuals from seeds collected at different timing. Female parent flower are N. glandulifera and male parent flower are unknown. Female parent N. glandulifera originating from the highlands of central Sarawak. N. glandulifera have large funnel-shaped pitchers are cream with bright red spotting and can reach up to 15 cm in length. It is closely related to N. pilosa, and shares with that species a similar leaf shape and dense woolly indumentum.

Cultivation recommendations:
 Fast and Easily grown nepenthes and tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and growing conditions. See also: How to Grow Nepenthes


Standard Export – 8.0cm pot, Large Hanging Baskets – 15.0cm pot (+$23.00)