N. chaniana 24H


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Description: Combination Assorted Clones Nepenthes Accidental Cross Hybrids 2014 of N. chaniana established from tissue culture propagation. All different individuals from seeds collected at different timing.

Description: This species is named for the dense indumentum of tawny hairs which cover the leaves, stems, and pitchers. Nepenthes chaniana is native to the mountains of northern Borneo where it grows epiphytically on moss-laden trees. The lime-green pitchers resemble N. stenophylla in shape but have a distinctive hook-like glandular crest at the base of the lid.

Cultivation recommendations: Prefers cool and humid conditions with a fair amount of shading. See also: How to Grow Nepenthes


Standard Export – 8.0cm pot, Large Hanging Basket – 15cm pot (+$33.00)