N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana


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Description: It’s a hybrid between two spectacular highland parents of  N. burbidgeae and N. edwardsiana.  The species closest to the natural habitat. N. burbidgeae pitchers pure white, semi-translucent like egg-shell, porcelain-white, with crimson or blood-tinted blotches. Lid blotched and dotted with crimson-purple. It is a very distinct plant, with triangular stems, 50 ft long, and the margins of the leaves decurrent. Nepenthes edwardsiana is very rare in cultivation and little information has been published on its growing requirements. Generally speaking, it is an alpine plant that requires highland conditions to grow well.

Cultivation recommendations:
 Slow growing species and hardy pitcher. See also: How to Grow Nepenthes


Standard Export – 8.0cm pot, Large Hanging Basket – 15cm pot (+$21.00)